Why read the book ‘Perspective’

As we live in times of spiritual, political, economic and social uncertainty; it is almost natural for many of us to descend into a negative frame of reference regarding what our future looks like. Many of us almost easily degenerate into a destructive pattern of perceiving our immediate circumstances to the extent that it is beginning to affect our overall well-being.

With mental health issues as anxiety, personality disorders and depression on the rise, it is becoming clearer that many of us are struggling to cope with the dynamic manner in which our world is changing. We’re daily confronted with news of gender based violence in our homes, the sexual abuse and mutilation of young girls and women. Our young men are committing violent crimes with and against one another.

With talks of a 4th Industrial Revolution confronting us, many of us are becoming increasingly anxious of what our relevance is going t entail in this unpredictable tomorrow. This is also causing unrest in our markets, political discourse and work spaces.

‘Perspective’ seeks to assist in facilitating a journey of self discovery and (self) appreciation as a fundamental tool in order to begin a process of realizing one’s relevance and purpose in this new and challenging era. In this book, the author narrates a personal story of extremely tough beginnings, invaluable opportunity, life changing decisions and an unshakable resilience to keep moving forward.

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