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Introducing Xolisa Mayoyo, the author of the book :


Xolisa Mayoyo

‘This book narrates a story of the author’s journey from as early as he is able to remember. He takes us through the circumstances around his upbringing focusing on the psychological, cultural, social and economic realities that have influenced and molded his understanding of his personal identity and that of society. The author cleverly travels in and out of time to highlight and express his views on what Progress truly is – paying significant attention to subject matters, such as Character, Tradition, Money, Love and Success.’

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"I was fortunate to have received opportunities to better myself financially from a relatively young age. This helped me to make many mistakes very early on in my journey and has afforded me the many lessons that have coached and mentored me to become better." - Author, Xolisa Mayoyo


Testimonial 2
Sarahina Mayoyo

Perspective is all inclusive, even though it's a man's story. It gives the reader a fresh set of eyes to look at their experiences. It inspires people to explore different vantage points as they look at their lives, instead of being stuck with a negative view. There in lies the power to move forward, having learnt the lessons that came with each challenge."

Testimonial 1
Bernard B Khumalo

"Xolisa Mayoyo is a gifted communicator on a mission to intentionally impact lives. His powerful perspectives will positively provoke your spirit!"

Testimonial 3
Michael Whitehead

"Perspective is a challenging, yet thought-provoking book that allows your mind to travel down memory lane and a sober reminder of one's relationships, growth and success. The book embodies the realities in every aspect of daily life"

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